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3 Tesla MRI from Philips

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, as it is commonly known, is one of the most sophisticated technologically oriented imaging modalities. From the first discovery of NMR phenomenon in 1946, to its first usage in medicine in mid nineties, MRI as a scanning modality has come of age. Whether it is the spread of applications it offers; the patient friendliness or the speed of scanning, the technological advances in the field have ensured that MRI has become an essential modality in clinical diagnosis imaging.

Vrinda Diagnostics can boast of one such highly advanced MRI equipment at its centre. The Achieva3.0Tesla MRI from Philips really strengthens the diagnostic capabilities in almost all fields of medicine.

Achieva3.0T is a state-of-the art system that provides brilliant information on tissue contrast, chemical composition and functional information and offers exceptional magnet homogeneity at large Field Of View (0.5ppm at 50cm DSV) for overall good image quality. This is more important in orthopedic/joints imaging like fat suppressed shoulder imaging, knee imaging since both of them require off centre imaging. It plays key role in whole body imaging (with and without fat suppression), body (gastro) imaging in large patient, body diffusion.

Let's have a quick look at the capabilities we are able to offer through this equipment:

1. Covers whole body – all clinical applications
This scanner has revolutionary technologies that assist in diagnosis by providing minutest of details in all possible applications whether it is oncology, neurology, pediatric, cardiac, ortho or any other field. We can also scan for Metastasis screening using unique DWIBS technology and get PET like imaging.
2. Scans largest anatomical area (53 cm Field of view) in a single scan
3. Faster scanning / examination
Using SENSE parallel imaging one can scan un-cooperative patients as well.
4. High temporal resolution imaging for Contrast Enhanced (C.E.) Angiographies
Using the technology, we can generate pictures of the arteries to evaluate them for stenosis (abnormal narrowing) or anerysms (vessel wall dilatations, at risk of rupture).
5. Faster Spectroscopic Imaging Examinations using SENSE
It is used to measure the levels of different metabolites in body tissues. The MR signal produces a spectrum of resonances that correspond to different molecular arrangements of the isotope being "excited". This signature is used to diagnose certain metabolic disorders, especially those affecting the brain and to provide information on tumor metabolism.
6. Intelligent MR – with Smart Exam
SmartExam technology works with the operator to refine the scanning process. With just one click it automatically controls the planning, scanning and processing of MRI scans. It helps in getting consistent and 100% reproducible images, for every patient always.
7. The system is equipped with special tools to perform specialized MRI scans like:

A. Fiber Tractography.

B. FMRI: Functional MRI of the brain is one of the most exciting recently developed applications of magnetic resonance imaging. The visualization of activated cortical brain regions during external stimulations or performing specific tasks opens up a completely new perspective for the use of MRI.

C. 2K Imaging - highest resolution images in MRI By having a highest resolution matrix size of 2048 x 2048. These MRI images are giving the highest resolution of all the time.

8. 3D imaging

A. Latest 3D pulse sequences for abdominal imaging to reconstruct and view images in different planes for more accurate diagnosis.

B. Advanced 3D protocols are available for MRCP. The Neuro imaging protocol includes the latest advancements like diffusion, spectroscopy etc. This brings more accuracy in diagnosis.

Why chose Vrinda for MRI scans?

Vrinda has been a name of trust when it comes to diagnostics. We have the distinction of being the pioneer in bringing latest medical technologies to the Ghaziabad region. Apart from best diagnostics, we have always been focused on patient safety and comfort. Keeping this tradition alive, we have now installed the latest MRI scanner at Vrinda - Philips Achieva 3.0Tesla MR Machine, which is considered to be one of the best machines in the world today. For the patients it translates into the following benefits:

Better and a wide array of diagnostic capabilities:

Diagnostic confidence: Apart from the regular neuro imaging, Achieva MRI provides very good image quality even in difficult applications of orthopedic/joints imaging like fat suppressed shoulder imaging, knee imaging. It plays key role in whole body imaging (with and without fat suppression), body (gastro) imaging in large patient, body diffusion.

High focus on Patient Safety:

  • The patient inside the scanner is continuously monitored with a CCTV while scanning.
  • The MRI Room is equipped with a Boyels apparatus which enable an anesthetist to administer general anesthesia to a patient in case of an emergency.
  • The scan room also has a suction apparatus and the supply of medical oxygen.

Best in patient comfort:

  • Short magnet: only 60 cm long patient tunnel with flaring to decrease claustrophobia
  • Short scan time resulting in lesser time inside the tunnel.
  • Low gradient noise with dedicated headset: We always give a dedicated headset for the patient while doing the examination . This reduce the aquatic noise and patient feels more comfortable during the MRT examination .There is headphone available for the patient attendant also .
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